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Making sense of the suburbs

Charney Real Estate’s mission is to help you make sense of the suburbs. Moving to a new community means much more than buying a house. A home is where community starts, and community is a deep rooted part of who we are, how families thrive, and the foundation of daily life. Helping you make sense of the suburbs is how we add value to what is much more than just a real estate transaction. Sorting out choices, narrowing options, and giving you our deep expertise is how we can help you make sense of the suburbs.

We are not a national franchise, and as you’d expect, we will provide a different level of boutique service for you. Our brand relies on providing the right level of counsel to each client. Answering the question, “what makes sense?” is different for each individual client. Our service starts with asking the right questions and getting to meaningful answers that help you and only you. For some that means a tour of several towns, for others it might be limited advice on a quick phone call. We are here to help and do what makes sense for you.
Charney Real Estate focuses on Metro West because that is where we are experts. We live here, and raise our families here. Let us help you find your next home!
We have found through our 20+ years of experience, that the Metro West area is best defined and understood by five specific geographic regional centers: Continue